There are a number of forums in and around Australia. There are popular forums like Whirlpool or less busy but just as popular Australian forums like Topix also host forums for Australia like this one but they can get a little out of hand with a lot of aggression there at times.

I find Whirlpool too overly moderated at times and also the posters can be very nasty. They do have a busy forum though so it's good if you are looking for a quick busy discussion on nearly any subject from news to travel or IT. is a friendly and welcoming forum that is not overly moderated as the discussions are usually friendly and the members seem to enjoy it there. It's a lot more personal that forums like Topix or Whirlpool plus you are able to have a more personal experience including the use of the following features, signatures, links out, avatars, images and a lot more.

I will update this article with more information on Australian forums as it comes to hand.